Taxi to Newport Bay Club

Taxi transfers to Newport Bay Club Hotel in Disneyland Paris

When you are travelling to Disneyland in Paris, you are probably hoping to provide your family with an entertaining vacation filled with joy and comfort. Thanks to the hotels surrounding the area, you are offered a range of magnificent hotels such as Disney’s Hotel Newport Bay. Read this article to know why you should take a taxi to Newport bay club.

Institutions such as this provides you with comfortable lodging arrangements to rest after an exciting visit to the magical Disneyland. But for people coming from other countries often comes from planes and land on CDG, Orly or Beauvais in Paris. Even though airplanes try to provide you with a relaxing journey, but unless it is a first class seat it would be hard for you to sleep because of the turbulence and the anxiety of flying.

Why taxis to get to Newport Bay Club Hotel in Disneyland Paris

After a restless trip on a plane you might not feel like walking and besides, why would you ruin your experience of visiting Disneyland. That’s why we recommend you a taxi to get to the hotel.
You are also free to choose public transport, such as a bus or train, but taking a taxi is fastest and most comfortable option you have.

And sometimes, taking a taxi will be cheaper than public transport. As an example, if you take a bus from Charles de gaulle airport to Newport bay hotel it will cost about €23 per adult and €10 per child.

Assume, you are a group of two families, 2 adults and 2 kids per each (ie 4 adults and 4 kids totally) Then your cost of bus ticket will be €23×4 + €10×4 = €132. But with a private taxi it is €90 only plus many advantages.

Why you should choose Piyocab as your private taxi to get to Newport bay

Piyocab is Providing luxuries Private Taxis for you to reach your hotel from the Charles De Gaulle airport, Orly airport and Beauvais airport through a few single clicks on you mobile phone.

But you might wonder “Why should I use services from Piyocab instead of using any other method of transportation?”

That is a good question and here is the answer: Sure, you are definitely able to get on a shared shuttle, a Bus or even a train, but we confidently provide you with a comfortable vehicle which will provide you with a relaxing journey to your hotel.

But unlike a metered taxi we provide you with a fixed charge and you can find out exactly how much your trip will cost through our website. Thanks to customers like you who help us grow, We do our best to fulfill your every need regarding transportation.

Our Service

Granted if you are visiting Disneyland with a group with less than three members our services might not be the cheapest option for you to travel but it must be said that we provide you with a perfectly efficient method for you to get to the doorstep of your hotel as fast as we can, as an example our private taxis will take around 1 hour and 30 minutes for the 123Km long journey from Beauvais to hotel Newport bay club.

This is due to the taxis or private shuttles of piyocab do not stop on multiple locations and since our services are able to be pre-booked, A private shuttle or a taxi would be waiting for you at the airport without wasting your valuable time. An unlike shared shuttles we are ready to provide you with our services anytime. Did I manage to change your mind? if I did visit the Piyocab booking page to place your booking free.

We not only do we offer our services at a reasonable price and if you have a baby we would provide you with a baby seat completely free of charge. After an exhausting day of fun and entertainment you might feel uncomfortable walking, so it would be a reasonable decision to get on a vehicle such as a Taxi/private shuttle or a shared shuttle.

Private taxi fares from Paris airports to Newport bay hotel

You can find the price calculator which allows you to calculate the price of your journey. But here is a table which will give you a rough idea about the Piyocab charges from Paris airports.

Charles de Gaulle airport to Newport Bay Taxi charges

These are the taxi transfer rates from Charles de gaulle airport to Disney’s Hotel Newport Bay Club

1-3 PAX 4 PAX 5 PAX 6 PAX 7 PAX 8 PAX
60€ 65€ 70€ 75€ 80€ 90€

Paris Orly airport to Newport Bay Taxi charges

These are the taxi transfer rates from Orly airport to Disney’s Hotel Newport Bay Club

1-3 PAX 4 PAX 5 PAX 6 PAX 7 PAX 8 PAX
70€ 75€ 80€ 85€ 90€ 95€

Beauvais airport to Newport Bay Taxi charges

These are the taxi transfer rates from Paris Beauvais airport to Disney’s Hotel Newport Bay Club

1-3 PAX 4 PAX 5 PAX 6 PAX 7 PAX 8 PAX
130€ 130€ 135€ 140€ 145€ 150€

Use the below calculator to get taxi transfer rates from anywhere in Paris to all Disneyland hotels.

Price :


Granted it might not be advantageous for you to get a private taxi but, the taxis from Piyocab is luxurious and our responsible drivers will be ready to transport you and your luggage from airport to the hotel and even to the Disneyland Parks.

  • We provide quality air conditioned modern vehicles.
  • Our services are available 24/7 days a week.
  • We provide you with a baby seats and booster seats free of charge.
  • You are completely free to book your taxi online.
  • We will professionally meet and greet you at the airport and especially We don’t charge on flight delays.

These are only a few of the reasons why you should take a private taxi shuttle from Piyocab. You don’t have to listen to me compare the prices and look at the facts, then you will understand that the Piyocab is the perfect transportation service provider for a tourist visiting the Disneyland Paris