taxi from charles de gaulle to disneyland

Things to consider when getting a taxi from Charles de gaulle to Disneyland Paris

In this article we will discuss what are the things to consider when getting a taxi from Charles de gaulle to Disneyland Paris.

Compared to other major transport methods to get from CDG airport to Disneyland, Taking a taxi is the most comfortable and fastest way. There are two types of taxis in Paris

  • Government meter taxis
  • Private taxis

Let’s compare both of taxi services to find the best one. We mainly consider the price and facilities of each taxis.

Government meter taxis from Paris charles de gaulle to Disneyland

Even though we mention the government, government paid employees do not work here. We said so because their permit is issued by government of France.

There is a meter in each taxis, to get the price of tour. It determines the price for a trip depending on the distance you have traveled and the waiting time.

Taking a Private taxi from Charles de gaulle to Disneyland Paris

If you want to get a comfortable ride at a reasonable price, you should opt for a private taxi service. When you arrive at the airport, you can take a private taxi to the airport by making a phone call or booking online.

Some private taxis offer fixed rates while others charge per kilometer. It’s good if you choose a taxi which offers fixed rates per tour because there are 3 different ways to get from the airport Charles de gaulle to disneyland paris. They have three different lengths, and their traffic conditions vary. So the price of your trip will vary depending on the route you are traveling.

However, if you choose a taxi like Piyocab, you will not have to worry about the road you travel and the traffic condition, because it will not affect your price. Another plus point is Those drivers always choose short and low-traffic routes for their travels.

Why you need to choose Piyocab as your Paris taxi service

Piyocab is one of leading Disneyland Paris taxi services in Paris airport transfers. We provide transportation at fixed prices. You are free to make your booking online and also you are free to change or cancel your booking if you changed your mind.

Instead of the traditional small taxi, we run modern vans. So, whether you are a small family or a large group, it does not matter.

Here is a list of services that are offered by Piyocab private taxi

  • Free baby seats on your requests
  • Free booster seats on your requests
  • Online reservations, changes and cancellations can be done free of charge
  • 24/7 Customer service
  • No additional charges for flight and train delays
  • Reasonable and fixed prices for each transfers
  • No hidden charges at all
  • Plenty of space for more luggage and passengers

Piyocab provides a quality service with comfortable vehicles. We are flexible to adapt customer’s schedules and also we stay for your delayed arrivals. Our top priority is your satisfaction and also we take care of customer’s security. So, why more words to say that Piyocab is the best taxi to travel from Charles de Gaulle airport to Disneyland Paris.

Taxi fares from charles de gaulle airport to Disneyland.

Passengers 1-3 PAX 4 PAX 5 PAX 6 PAX 7 PAX 8 PAX
Taxi Fares 60€ 65€ 70€ 75€ 80€ 90€

Use this calculator to get taxi fares for any other places

Price :


What are the bad of meter taxis

When comparing with private taxis, there are some negative points in meter taxis. Government and some other meter taxis enable their meter not where you pick, but where they come from. So, you will have to pay for not only the distance you traveled, but more.

Another thing is if you are a family or group of more than 3 passengers then you will have to take more than one taxi.

Here is the common cons of meter taxis in Paris

  • You don’t know the price of your transfer until it ends
  • Some meter taxis have their hidden fees
  • They charge for waiting

What to do if you have to use a meter taxi

Sometimes, you will get a meter taxi transport in a package, In that case you have no option to change it to private taxi. However, if you are the person who is paying for your transfer, you can suggest to your driver which route to take.

taxi from CDG to disneyland Paris

There are 3 different routes to get from Charles de gaulle to Disneyland by a taxi.

Via N2 and A104 (39.3 km – 35 minutes)

This is the shortest route, 39.3 Km of distance. Estimated time is 35 minutes with usual traffic. From charles de gaulle airport you get on N1104 in Le Mesnil-Amelot then you take N2, A104, D934 and D231 to Avenue de l’Europe/D344A in Montevrain. After that you take avenue Herge to avenue Paul Seramu in Chessy and finally to Disney Park.

Via A104 (47 km – 35 minutes)

This is the fastest route, 47 km of distance. Estimated time is 35 minutes with usual traffic. From charles de gaulle you get on N2 in Mitry-Mory from Rue de Paris, Rue de New York and N1104 then take A104 and A4 to avenue Paul Seramy/D344P in Bailly-Romainvilliers. Take exit 14 from A4 and Then to Avenue Paul Seramu in Chessy and finally to Disney Park.

Via A104 and A4 (51 km – 37 minutes)

This is a long route, 51km of distance. Estimated time is 37 minutes with usual traffic. From CDG airport you get on A3 in Roissy en france from route des Badauds then follow A104 and A4 to Avenue Paul Seramu/D344P in Bailly Romainvilliers. Take exit 14 from A4 and Then to Avenue Paul Seramu in Chessy and finally to Disney Park.

You will get more information of directions with google maps

Summary of the article

Compared to meter taxis, private taxis that offer fixed rates are highly recommended to get from CDG to Disneyland. Anyway if you have to get a meter taxi, suggest to the driver the route you need to go.

We hope this article is helped you to understand the background of both fixed rated and meter taxis. If you think this article is important to other travelers then don’t forget to share this in your social media.