What you need to know about wonderful leisure park – Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is the biggest and most visited amusement park in whole Europe.  With an area spanning over 4,800 acres of land this mega theme park is visited by millions of tourists each year. It’s the second Disneyland Park to open away from US by Walt Disney Company after Tokyo Disney Resort. Theme park consists of many facilities including Resort Hotels, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Entertainment complexes and a Golf Course. Resort has its transport systems and a dedicated railway service which includes a railway station inside the complex.  Theme park is easily accessible as visitors can avail many transport options including Paris Disney Shuttle Services, Paris Disney Transfer services, Euro Disney Transfer services as some of those services are offered by the Resort itself in addition to various visitor friendly transport service providers. There are also many Disneyland Tour operators in Paris where tourists can book for their services well in advance. Paris airport to Disneyland Transfer services are also available with many taxi services for those who are not booked their transport in advance.


History of Disneyland

History of Disneyland

Disneyland Paris is owned and operated by Euro Disney S.C.A a fully owned by The Walt Disney Company an American media and entertainment conglomerate. Walt Disney Company was founded by Walter Disney 1923 with his brother Roy as a animation production company in Hollywood.  Walter Disney a considered the pioneer of the American animation industry which he entered as an illustrator. After moving to Hollywood and forming Disney Brothers Studio Walter became highly popular with his creation of animation character ‘The Mickey Mouse’ in 1928. With the growing success of his creations and company he produced many world famous animation movies such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Fantasia, Pinnocchio, Dumboa and Bambi. His animated and live action creations include Cinderella and Mary Poppins which were became highly successful and made him a entertainment tycoon. Disney introduced new technologies to the industry including Synchronized sound, full color three strip Technicolor, and technical developments in cameras. Walter Disney Holds the record for most number of Academy Awards and Nominations. He has received 22 Oscars.


With his fruitful entertainment business Disney got an idea about expanding his business in to the Theme Park business after visiting many theme parks at the time and wanted to create something special. With the funding from his own and banks he started first Disneyland Project in Anaheim, California and opened it in 1955.  Immediately after its inauguration Disneyland became a huge success and receiving 3.6 million guests by the end of first year. Its huge success has required it to undergo many expansions and renovations. After the death of Walt Disney Company expanded its theme parks outside United States in to Tokyo, Paris and Hong Kong. Latest Disneyland was constructed in Shanghai, China.


Each of these parks offers uniquely different as well as some core similar experiences. Some similarities include Disneyland Railroad, Live entertainment and City Replicas.


Disneyland Paris


Originally opened as Euro Disney Resort in 1992 Disneyland Paris covers a total area of 19 kilometers near city of Marne Al Vallee, France. Park considered as the most visited place in Europe with average annual turnover of twelve million visitors. Resort consists of two Theme parks called Disneyland Park and Walt Disney studio part, a golf course called Golf Disneyland, Railway station, Disney village consists with entertainment district including Large shopping mall with large outlet center and Seven Hotels, seven associated hotels with 5,200 rooms in total.


Disneyland Paris Activities and Facilities

Disneyland Paris Activities

Many tourist are fascinated by the attractions of the theme parks such as

* It’s a Small World – which takes attendants through a musical tour of world attractions in the Fantasyland.

* Space Mountain: Mission 2 – indoor/outdoor a roller coaster like ride in Discoveryland with retro futuristic and futuristic theme.

* Big Thunder Mountain – is a mine train roller coaster in Frontierland

* Pirates of the Caribbean – water based dark ride in adventureland

* Buzz Lightyear attractions – shooting dark rides based on Toy story 2 movie in Tomorrowland.


Disney village comprises with parks shopping , dining and entertainment complexes and is about 18,000 square meters in area. Entertainment area is home to attractions like Buffalo Bills Wild West show with Mickey  and Friends, Gaumont Cinemas & Imax, NEX fun Bowling and Games, PanoraMagique Balloon, Disney Village Marina and Lake Disney Road Train. To treat taste buds of tourists, there are many famous restaurants and bars which include Annette’s Dinner, Ben and Jerry’s Kiosque de Glaces, Billy Bobs Country Western Saloon, Café Mickey, Plannet Hollywood.


Disneyland has fourteen hotels with 5,200 rooms to provide accommodation to the visitors as the park connot be covered in one day. To experience whole theme park most visitors opting to multi day packages. Out of those Hotels within its premises, seven are operated by the resort management and Disneyland Hotel being the most luxurious of all. Other hotels are named Disney hotel New York, Disney Newport Bay Club, Disney Sequoia Lodge, Disney Hotel Cheyenne, Disney Hotel Santa Fe and Disney Davy Crockett Ranch which is located outside park parameter.




Disneyland is one of the easiest locations in France to get transport facilities from wherever visitors are coming. Situated 32km from Paris, Site is estimated to be located within less than four hour drive for 68 million people and two hour flight for 300 million people of Europe.  Those who visiting the resort can access with Paris Disney Shuttle Services, Paris Disney Transfer services, Euro Disney Transfer services as some of those services are offered by the Resort itself France is also known to visitor friendly transport service providers. There are also many Disneyland Tour operators in Paris where tourists can book for their services early. Paris airport to Disneyland Transfer services are also available with many taxi services available for a reasonable charge.

There is a dedicated railway station name Marne-la-Vallee-Chessy which is located with resort which is directly connected to Europe’s train services. There are shuttle busses provided to all Disney hotels and associated hotels for free of charge from the railway station.


Early Reservation of Transport


It’s very easy to pre-arrange transport services to the Disneyland regardless of transport method visitors are planning. Whether it’s by Plane, Train, Car, Taxi or by Bus there are many service providers and tour operators which offer excellent services. However it’s best advisable to reserve the transport partner in advance to save valuable money and time and to avoid hassle which sometimes can spoil your pleasure. Also it’s economical to book a transport partner or tour operator in France rather than arranging for same from outside France as most such instances visitors have to bear the intermediary charges. Visitors can also arrange for transport and other packages from Disneyland Paris official web site as well.

Moulin Rouge cabaret in Paris, France

Don’t miss – Moulin Rouge cabaret in Paris, France

The Paris is the most popular city in France. It spreads an area of 105 square kilometers. The two international airports which are Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and Paris Orly Airport situated in Paris. There are many attractive places such as the Eiffel tower, Seine River and so on. The Moulin Rouge Cabaret is the number one show not only on the city but also in whole France.

The Moulin Rouge is a traditional cabaret , very famous theatre around the world which is situated at the foot of Montmartre, on Place Blanche along Boulevard de Clichy. This is also known as Red Windmill because of large red windmill on its roof.

History of the Moulin Rouge Cabaret


The Moulin Rouge is a living legend which began in 1889, the same year as the Eiffel tower was built. The Moulin Rouge has been spot for the best entertainment in Paris since it was built.

Founders Joseph Oller and Charles Zidler had a vision of creating a place where rich and famous Parisians could  allow themselves  to behave much more freely than usual and enjoy .

Their extravagant design included a gigantic elephant sculpture in the garden and the early shows were inspired by circus acts.

Moulin Rouge is most popular as the spiritual birthplace of the modern form of the can-can dance. The Moulin Rouge organizes cabaret shows every day.

The room is magnificently decorated in belle époque style and red.

Several movies have been made about the Moulin Rouge. For instance Moulin Rouge Dancers 1&2 (1898) was the first movie which is silent film about the Moulin Rouge.

Present Status of the Moulin Rouge


Today, the Moulin Rouge is a place that people visit for pleasure and interest, usually while they are on holiday and its decor still contains much of the romance of fin de siècle France. The Moulin Rouge offers musical dance entertainment for visitors from around the world.

The key factors of the success of Moulin Rouge are evolutionary architecture for the auditorium that allowed rapid changes of decorations, having happy and enjoyable  champagne evenings where people dance and  entertain thanks to amusing acts that changed regularly, such as the Pétomane.

The Moulin Rouge marvelous place to enjoy gourmet French food by the Maison Dalloyau, served with champagne which is the official drink of the cabaret. All your senses are awakened as you enjoy your food and watch the show.

Paris is fantastic at day but it is absolutely magical at night. Start your journey from the Eiffel Tower for panoramic views. Next is a leisurely Seine River cruise to see Paris. See the city lights on your way to the number one show in Paris which is Moulin Rouge .So then be whisked off to the legendary Moulin Rouge for the evening cabaret because Moulin Rouge is the perfect ending to a thoroughly “Paris” evening.

How to start and spend your journey more comfortably?

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