Book Piyocab airport transfer for Arrival trip

In this article, We tell you the best practices you need to follow when you book Airport transfer taxi service. These tips related with online booking form of Piyocab airport transfer in Paris France.

Plan your trip

Planning your itinerary is the most important & tedious part of a trip. There are many tools and website like TripAdvisor that guide you to select best hotels and transportation. Take your time and plan everything in your trip, Start by deciding where you want to go. Planning is the key to going on a successful holiday.

Take your tickets

Your flight/train number is required when you place your booking on Piyocab. If you haven’t reserved your train or flight yet, please do it first. Then it is time to reserve your Airport transfer. Take your tickets near you before you ready to browse the internet.

Book airport transfer taxi

It is free to place, edit or change your bookings anytime with Piyocab airport transfer service. No advanced payment required. Browse Piyocab and click on Booking from top menus bar.

Then you will re-direct to the booking page.

Transfer Details

See below explained list of each field that helps you to place your booking.

  • Vehicle Type : This is pre-selected as Standard cars & Vans. If you want most comfortable luxury vehicles
    then mention it in comments & requests field which is located at the bottom.
  • Trip Type : Select Arrival (One way Trip) from the list
  • Arrival Date : Fill your arrival date as Date-Month-Year. Use the calendar icon at the right to get a pop-up calendar.
  • Arrival Time : Fill arrival time according to your tickets.
  • Flight or Train Number : Fill a valid Flight or Train number. This is important us to get updates about flight/train delays. See your ticket.
  • Flight or Train coming from : This should be an Airport or Station the Fight or Train coming from.
  • Arrival Pickup Place : This is the place we come to pick-up you.
  • Arrival Address : If your pickup place is not a wel-known place then mention your address clearly with street name, zip code.
  • Address of Destination : This is the place you need to go after your flight or train.
  • Number of Passengers : Please fill Adults and Children (below 10 years) separately.
  • Comments & requests : Please mention anything if you need or if you want to know.

Then Click on Next to Go to next page

Passenger Details

Then You will see a page with a form to fill Passenger details

  • Name : Mention your First name & Last name separately
  • Email : Your email address. Please give a valid email address. We use this to send you a confirmation email.
  • Phone : Please fill a valid phone number which is useful us to contact you easily.
  • Country : type your country
  • Type the letters you see in the image below : Type the Letters correctly in the text field below, these letters are case-insensitive. This is used to verify you as a human and not a robot.

Click on Next button then you will see a summary of your booking details. If everything is okay. then Click on Book Now button. Otherwise, click on Back to making changes. We hope this guide of book airport transfer taxi will help you to place your booking easily.