Orly Airport To Magny le Hongre

How To Get From Orly Airport To Magny le Hongre

Wants to get from Orly Airport To Magny le Hongre? Compare below and choose the best option.

Try adding Magny le Hongre to your travel diaries inspire your most awaited holiday with the best.

Magny le Hongre is one of the top most visited destinations in Paris. It’s located in a province called Seine-et-Marne that is in the IV area of Marne-la-Vallee.

Due to the fair proximity to the most famous amusement park in the world Dineyland Paris and Val D’ Europe where you will find so much of commercial attractions Magny le Hongre has become a timeless tourist hotspot that is favored by many toursists who arrive to Magny le Hongre from all over the world.

Magny le Hongre is such a colorful showcase preventing its best of the history, culture and the beauty of countryside. A stay in Magny le Hongre will certainly offer you a lot. The entertainment and the relaxation that you looked for in your holiday will be served at this fascinating city.

The city is as old as running back to the years in 1200 centuries. Therefore, Magny le Hongre is full of enchanting heritages where you will find many that come under UNNESCO heritage list.

Stroll on the streets of this sophisticating town will give you unique experiences that you can not get at any other place in the world. St. Genevieve Magny-le-Hongre churchthe laundry and the Sainte-Geneviève fountain are some of the top sites that you will cover during your city tours.

If you lucky to spend some more time here you will also capture the glamorous festivals they held here. You will be able to visit a local bazar organizes in every Sunday from morning to afternoon.

If you are touring in Magny le Hongre by June you will love to join the village festival and Magny Jazzy that is a free outside musical festival that has a lot of entertainment events inside inclusive of concerts and outside restaurants.

The festival will hold at the church square. And the month of September where everyone enjoys the pottery market that will present various potteries and ceramic products. Lovely local food stall also will be held right there.

So as you see here Magny le Hongre boasts as a destination that is full of fun and filled with joys and celebrations.  And most amazing tourists’ atractions are located right around Magny le Hongre. you can base in Magny le Hongre and visit everywhere that you love to explore.

This is why you should not miss Magny le Hongre from your French travel list. If you are planning to visit Magny le Hongre from Orly hope the little insights that we share here will find helpful for you to plan and finalize your trip.

Taxi From Orly Airport to Magny le Hongre

If you like to make a door-to-door transfer to save your time and most awaited holiday plans the only option that you get here is travel by a private taxi.

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Taxi from Orly Airport To Magny le Hongre price

  • 1-3 passengers – 80€
  • 4 passengers – 85€
  • 5 passengers – 90€
  • 6 passengers – 95€
  • 7 passengers – 100€
  • 8 passengers – 110€

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Train From Orly Airport to Magny le Hongre

The first option that everyone keen to know is the availability of trains to make the trip from Orly to Magny le Hongre.

Trains find as the most convenient and affordable transfer method from the list, yet when it comes travel from Orly to Magny le Hongre the benefits that you expect in traveling by train become slightly change due to few reasons.

First, you will not get direct train option to travel from Orly to Magny le Hongre and its so likely that will involve multiple transfer methods and connections.

Second if you are on a tight schedule surely travel by train would be a waste of time as it will take so much of time for not just to travel but also for changing the connections as well.

Train departures are not frequent. Therefore, if you arrive in an early morning or late-night flight it would be challenging for you to expect a train departure to match your timing. And the biggest hassle you will face will be traveling with kids and adults or carrying few luggage with you.

However, if you are planning to make your trip by train these are the tips that you can follow. Once you came out from the terminals get a light metro service name Orlyval. The light metro Orlyval will proceed to Antony RER train station located in Paris.

Once you arrive to Antony RER train station you can change the train to a RER B train line that will be heading to Chatelet Les Halles. And next you have to again connect to a RER A train that is proceeding to Marne la Vallee.

Arriving to Marne la Vallee not yet concluding you journey. Next you have to take a bus or a taxi to proceed to Magny le Hongre that will take about 15 minutes to reach.

If your accommodation is not on the bus route then you have to grab a taxi again. The total travel duration will take 2 or more than 3 hours depending on the time you take for changing the connections.

Bus From Orly Airport to Magny le Hongre

The alternative option that you get to travel from Orly to Magny le Hongre travel by bus. Similar to trains traveling by bus also would be a convenient option whereas it involves several exchanges of transfers.

The first step is from Orly you have to get into a bus name OrlyBus to travel to Denfert-Rochereau. And then you have to get into a Metro 6 to travel Nation stop.

Once you reach Nation stop you will board in a RER A line to travel to Marne la Valllee and from there onwars must get into a bus again to reach your destination. So as it looks not so convenient and would be waste of valuable time and money.