Orly Airport to Grand Magic Hotel

How To Get From Orly Airport to Grand Magic Hotel

Wants to get from Orly Airport to Grand Magic Hotel?

If you are planning to make your visit to Disneyland Paris, the next that you may wonder is finalizing the accommodation, if you are looking for recommendation Grand Magic Hotel is one of the best recommended hotels from the list.

What is special about Grand Magic Hotel?

Disneyland is happy to offer you a series of thematic hotels for its beloved guests to make the stay the best. The name itself of the hotel claims a setup of fantasy with the term of “Grand Magic”.

The hotel delivers an authentic fantasy fascination to tempt the stays of its guests by making sure they are having a comfortable and a memorable time.

The ambience projects by Grand Magic Hotel are quite mesmeric. The atmosphere of the hotel is producing an entertaining and exciting atmosphere that will be loved by the young ones and those who are young at heart.

Being one of the modern hotels that you find in Disneyland hotel series, Grand Magic Hotel is contained with modern comforts and amenities ensuring the hotel is setting a pensive and relaxing surround while attempting to maintain an active and energetic set up for those who are fun loving one.

Grand Magic Hotel is allowing easy access to major tourists’ highlights that are located closer by the hotel. You will never get tied of enjoy delicious food, taste of a fine wine, upscale shopping experiences, site seeing, joining adventurous activities, enjoy the excursions and many more.

Grand Magic Hotel can be introduced as one of the most beautiful and joyful hotels that suit for family holidays, romantic stays, and even if you are on a cherish gathering with your friends or on a solo trip.

Where is Grand Magic Hotel is located?

Grand Magic Hotel is located 10 minutes’ drive away from the magical wonderland Disneyland Paris and location wise the hotel is found in the fascinating point of Magny le Hongre, Paris, France.

How to get to Grand Magic Hotel?

If you are traveling from outside of the fascinating destination Paris, you will find three major airports to arrive to Paris by an international or a domestic airline. All the three airports are catering for most of the international and domestic airlines, and so as you can conveniently arrive through these airports.

The largest airport in France is known as Charles de Gaulle international airport, which is also known as the second largest airport in Europe region. Also, you have Orly airport and also Beauvais airport is available.

If you are planning to make your trip from Orly international airport to Grand Magic Hotel, hopefully the following listed travel tips may find helpful.

Orly airport to Grand Magic Hotel by taxi

The only available direct and door to door transfer option is getting to a private taxi. There is no hassle you have to go through when traveling with kids and carrying excessive luggage. Apart from that you will get the taxi the time that you required and you no need to wait for your departure schedules.

Traveling by private taxis surely will be helpful for you to save your valuable time and money. Offering you the most affordable transfer rates Piyo Cab is happy to make your trip a memorable one just for the price of 80 Euros that will amaze your most awaited journeys to unforgettable one.

Taxi from Orly Airport To Grand Magic Hotel price

  • 1-3 passengers – 80€
  • 4 passengers – 85€
  • 5 passengers – 90€
  • 6 passengers – 95€
  • 7 passengers – 100€
  • 8 passengers – 110€

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Orly airport to Grand Magic Hotel by train

The first option you may check is the possibility of getting to a train and making your trip. In case of traveling from Orly airport to Grand Magic Hotel the journey may not find so comfortable and convenient, as you will not find any direct and frequent train transfers.

Also, if you are traveling with little one and carrying excessive luggage waiting for departures and also constant changes of your connections may make you feel exhausted at the end of the trip.

If you are planning to make your trip the first to follow is getting to an OrlyVal train to proceed to Antony station from where you have to get a RER B train to proceed to Chatelet Les Hales train station.

Arriving to Chatelet les Hales train station is not yet the conclusion of your trip. At the station you have to get into a RER A train again that will direct to Marne La Vallee Chessy train station that is located right close to Disneyland Paris. Once disembark here you can get into a taxi to proceed to Grand Magic Hotel.

Orly airport to Grand Magic Hotel by bus

The next option you have is getting to a bus and make the trip. Yet, compared to train options you get traveling by buses are also not so a least convenient one. From Orly airport to Grand Magic Hotel, there is a shuttle bus that is operating by connecting the airport and Grand Magic Hotel. But the transfers are not available frequently.

In case if you miss the shuttle bus you may proceed to Porte Maillot station and getting to a bus to proceed to Charles de Gaulle international airport to get the Magical shuttle bus to reach Disneyland Paris and from where you have to get a taxi to arrive to the hotel.