Orly airport to adagio aparthotel

How to get from Orly airport to adagio aparthotel in Disneyland Paris

This article helps you to find the fastest, most comfortable and the cheapest ways to get from Paris Orly airport to Adagio aparthotel. Adagio is a nice self-catering apartment to stay your vacation in Disneyland.

There are many ways to get from Orly to adagio aparthotel and You can use a public transport or private transport service depending on your expectations. For the price, comfort and transfer time or whatever you consider, there will be a perfect option for you. All you need to do is reading this article to the end.

Adagio is 44 km away from Paris Orly airport and there are 4 main ways to get to adagio aparthotel from Orly

  1. Getting a taxi/cab service
  2. Using train
  3. Using bus
  4. Getting a shuttle

Let’s consider more details about these transport ways and pros and cons of each of them.

Get from Orly airport to adagio aparthotel by taxi

When Consider the time and comfort, taking a taxi is the best option you have because with other options you cannot reach to hotel faster than taxi. It will take 35 or 40 minutes for the total journey. It is not only faster but more comfortable than others.

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Here is the taxi fares from Orly airport to adagio apart hotel.

Passengers 1-4 PAX 5 PAX 6 PAX 7 PAX 8 PAX
Taxi fares 65€ 70€ 75€ 80€ 90€

Here you calculate taxi transfer rates of Piyocab

Price :


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These are the pros of taking a taxi service

  • You can get to hotel faster than other transport options
  • No need to worry about your luggage
  • You can get to the hotel gate from airport directly

Cons of taking a taxi service

  • It will cost you some more than public transport

Get to adagio from Orly airport by train

Unfortunately there is no direct train available from Orly airport to Chessy. Chessy is the nearest railway station to hotel adagio.

You have to change your train from line RER B to RER A. So, this option is not recommended if you travel with kids and some luggage. When you get off from chessy, you can have a free shuttle bus to arrive hotel adagio but sometimes, you may have to wait until next bus departs.

For the total journey it will take more than 1 hour and 30 minutes. However, traveling by train is cheaper than a taxi or private shuttle.

Let’s see what are the pros of getting a train

  • It’s cost is less than a taxi

There are some more cons of taking a train.

  • It will get more time than a taxi
  • You have to carry your luggage every time you change your vehicle
  • This is not comfortable and not easy
  • Sometimes, you may have to wait for the next train or free shuttle bus

Get from Orly airport to aparthotel adagio by Bus

You can also get a magical shuttle bus to get from Paris Orly to aparthotel adagio. For this, it will be charged 20€ per passenger and it will take 1 hour and 10 minutes to reach the bus stop near Newport bay club. These buses operate every two hours daily. Adagio hotel is about 1.5 km away from Newport bay club and you should take a walk of 20 minutes to arrive hotel adagio.

So, this is also not comfortable than a private shuttle or taxi and this will not comfortable if you travel with luggage and kids.

Now let’s consider what are the pros of using a bus

  • It’s cheaper if you’re traveling with less than 3 passengers

And cons are

  • It will also take more than 1 hour and 30 minutes for the total journey
  • You have to carry your luggage when you get off the bus
  • Unlike a taxi, this is not comfortable

Get to adagio hotel from Paris Orly airport by a shuttle

As the fourth option, you have a shuttle. You can get either a shared shuttle or a private shuttle, private mean a dedicated to your family. A private shuttle can take you to the hotel within 40 minutes. With a shared shuttle, we can’t say exactly what time it will be, because time depends on the people on your shared journey

Now let’s consider pros of both shared and private shuttle

  • You can get to hotel faster with private shuttle
  • A shared shuttle costs less than a private one

Cons of taking shuttles

  • If you have more people sharing the shuttle with you, the shared shuttle will take more time
  • A private shuttle costs some more than a shared one


Taking a taxi or private shuttle is the best way to get to hotel adagio from Orly airport. Getting a shared shuttle is the second better option and Last option is getting public transport, it’s not recommended if you travel with more than 3 passengers and some luggage.