Beauvais airport to hotel disneyland

Beauvais airport to Hotel Disneyland transfers

Do you need to know the best way to get from Beauvais airport to hotel Disneyland? The best way depends on your expectations so here is a comparison of major transport methods by considering the time, price and comfort.

This article will be really helpful if you are gonna travel to Disneyland via Paris Beauvais airport. There are 4 main ways to get to hotel Disneyland from Paris Beauvais airport.

  • Taking a taxi
  • Taking a shuttle
  • Using train
  • Using bus and train

Taking a taxi from Beauvais airport to hotel Disneyland

This is the most convenient way to get to hotel Disneyland from Beauvais airport Paris. Comparing to other transport this is fast and comfortable. With a taxi, you will get to hotel in 1 hour and 20 minutes with usual traffic conditions.

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Here is the taxi fares from Beauvais airport to hotel Disneyland

Passengers 1-4 PAX 5 PAX 6 PAX 7 PAX 8 PAX
Taxi fares 130€ 135€ 140€ 145€ 150€

Not only between Beauvais to Disneyland we also transfers from and to CDG airport, Orly airport, Paris City and many other places. Use below price calculator to get fares of each transfers.

Price :


Now let’s see what are the pros of taking a taxi

  • It’s fast
  • It’s comfortable
  • You can get to near the gate of hotel directly
  • No need to worry of your luggage

There is only one cons of taking a taxi

  • This is not the cheapest option you have, Comparing to public transport, this will cost some more.

Taking a shuttle from Beauvais airport to hotel Disneyland

You can also take a shuttle to arrive hotel Disneyland. There are two types of shuttles. One is called private shuttles that provides dedicated tours for you. Other one is called shared shuttles, you will travel with some other passengers.

A private shuttle is same as a taxi and it’s also fast and comfortable like a taxi. With a shared shuttle, We can’t exactly say the time to get to hotel because It depends on the passengers and their destinations. You have to wait until reach your destination.

These are the pros of getting a shuttle

  • No need to worry of your luggage
  • Private shuttles are fast like taxis
  • Shared shuttles may cheaper than a taxi

Here are the cons

  • Private shuttles are not cheaper as bus or train
  • With shared shuttles, It will take more time to reach your destination.

Using a train to get to hotel Disneyland

This is the most inconvenient option compared to other options. There are no direct trains from Beauvais airport to hotel Disneyland, So you have to change your train halfway. You have to get off from cheesy station which is the nearest station to hotel Disneyland. At chessy, you can have a free shuttle to get to hotel

This will not a good experience if you travel with kids and some luggage, you will get tired when you arrive the hotel.

These is one pros of taking a train from BVA

  • It’s cheaper than other options

And there are more cons

  • You have to carry your luggage when you change vehicles
  • It will get more time to arrive hotel Disneyland
  • This is not comfortable than a taxi or shuttle
  • With only trains, You can’t get near the hotel Disneyland

Using bus and train to get from BVA to hotel Disneyland

You can use combination of train and bus to get to hotel from BVA airport. However, this option is also inconvenient like previous option. So, We here don’t  discuss more about it.


Comparing with the time and comfort, Taking a private taxi or a private shuttle are the best options. And second option is taking a shared shuttle. Finally, you have the chepest but inconvenient option as train or bus.