Beauvais Airport to Explorers Hotel

How To Get From Beauvais Airport to Explorers Hotel

Wants to get from Beauvais Airport to Explorers Hotel?

Planning your Paris trip would bring so much of happiness and excitement. When it comes to arrange your stay at Paris it is important to finalize a place that comfort your stay and also allowing you to access to the major attractions easily.

From the most used hotel in Disneyland, Explorers Hotel earns a considerable recognition and popularity as one of the most used hotels.

When arranging your stay in Paris, probably Explorers Hotel may best suit for your holiday expectations.

What is special about Explorers Hotel?

Explorer Hotel finds very interesting for many reasons. The intimate and amiable set up of the hotel presents an amazing set up that is promising to entertain all type of visitors who arrive here. The thematic beauty projects by the hotel make the hotel a fascinating one.

Explorer Hotel highlights a pirate theme so everywhere you look around the hotel is filled with amusing interior collection.

The hotel promises to keep you connected with magical wonderland dream by providing a perfect comfortable setup. The hotel suits for family vacations, romantic stay, business trips and cherish gatherings.

From the list of upscale holiday experiences, Explorer Hotel rank in the top listed hotels for the services and experiences it serves the guests.

The most enchanting part of the hotel is the water playground that will serve you a great fun to spend your most precious time with your loved ones. Apart from that the hotel is also happy to offer you a great variety of excursions, and activities that offer you a complete adventurous experience.

The hotel is also including video games, and go beyond you can also enjoy 6D cinema theater as well. The rooms are assuring your comfort and happiness while the restaurants of the hotel happy to offer you a delicious food experience by serving both local and international mouthwatering menus.

Another interesting fact that may pursue you to choose Explorer Hotel for your upcoming holiday is, the hotel is located from few minutes’ away walkable proximity from the magical Disneyland.

Choosing Explorer Hotel for your holiday would never make you feel regret for the unforgettable memories the hotel is ready to create exclusively for you.

Where is Explorers Hotel located?

Explorer Hotel is located from a convenient closeness to Disneyland Paris. Centering at the heart of magical Disneyland, Explorer hotel is located at a mesmeric set up of Magny le Hongre of Paris.

How to get to Explorer Hotel Paris?

Once you finalize the hotel, the next that you may look for should be how to get to Explorer Hotel. Being one of the largest destinations in the world Paris is happy to introduce you few convenient ways to get to the hotel.

If you are traveling from outside, the hotel is accessible from all the three major airports named as Charles de Gaulle, Orly airport and also the Beauvais airport.

If you are planning to make your trip from Beauvais airport, hope the following guide may find useful for you to arrange your transfers.

Beauvais to Explorer Hotel Paris by taxi

The only available door to door and direct transfer option to make your trip from Beauvais hotel to Explorer Hotel is getting to a taxi. It is comfortable, convenient, and offer you a safe transfer on your convenience.

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Taxi from Beauvais Airport To Explorer Hotel Paris price

  • 1-3 passengers – 140€
  • 4 passengers – 145€
  • 5 passengers – 150€
  • 6 passengers – 155€
  • 7 passengers – 160€
  • 8 passengers – 170€

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Beauvais to Explorer Hotel Paris by train

The first transfer option that you may probably look would be the making your trip by train. Well you can get into train to travel from Beauvais airport to Explorer Hotel, but the disappointed fact is there is no direct connection whereas you have to switch into few connections to make your trip.

Since you will not find train station at Beauvais airport, you have to make your transfer to the closet railway station which is Beauvais train station that you can get by getting to a public bus or a quick taxi.

The train at Beauvais airport will take you to Gare du Nord railway station from where you have to change the connection to a RER D train that will proceed to Chatelet Les Hales train station.  the journey may take about 80 minutes to reach Gare du Nord from Beauvais station.

Once arriving to Chatelet Les Hales, you can get a RER A train that will take you to Marne La vallee Chessy train station which is right next to magical Disneyland. At here you can get down to make a walk up to the hotel that is located few minutes away, or you may grab a quick taxi.

Beauvais to Explorer Hotel Paris by bus

The alternative public transfer option that you get is traveling by bus. But compared to train option you get buses also would not find least convenient as they are also not direct and will find hectic for constantly changing the connections.

There is a direct bus transfer that is connecting Beauvais to Disneyland Paris. But the buses are operating only twice for the day and so as there is high chance that you will miss the bus for not matching the arrival time from Beauvais airport.

The next option is proceeding to Beauvais bus station and get a bus that will take you to Gare du Nord train station from where you can get a train to Charles de Gaulle international airport from where you will get a direct bus that proceed to Disneyland Paris. The bus is called magical shuttle bus.